The boat

Cape Horn is a Scottish pilot boat Halmatic model built in reinforced fibreglass. Property of the Italian Navy, it was fitted out in the Picchiotti shipyard in Viareggio. It was then given to the sailing school in Caprera, Sardinia. There it had been used for seven years, then sold to a Sardinian ship-owner, who restructured it completely. However in 2001 it left once and for all the sea of the Maddalena archipelago to dock at the Elba Island. Stefano, the current owner, completely transformed and organized the Cape Horn as a Dive-Boat..

Dive boat: comfort is no luxury!

To all effects this dive boat is a real diving. As a diving, all activities are carried out (courses, baptisms, day-, night- and full-day dives, night); on the other hand it provides a service and a comfort even higher than a traditional diving. Your equipment is put on the boat and it will be handled carefully by the staff throughout your stay: in this way you will avoid exhausting journeys from the boat to the diving and back, being certain that nothing will be damaged! The scuba tanks staying above the benches provide a comfortable dressing. When their refill is needed, it’s enough to disassemble the first stage and refill the scuba tank without changing it before the next dive! Another characteristic of the Cape Horn is the total absence of barriers between deck areas and the bridge: this is essential to come in and out of water, especially for disabled.

Coltri compressor mch 36000 litres/hour

Ranked among the best ones in Italy, our refill system is placed in the engine room and is soundproof to avoid creating any inconvenience while sailing or when parked. Once entered the harbour, all the scuba tanks are already filled. Indeed the compressor is equipped with eight refill hoses linked directly to the scuba tanks, so there is no need to move them, so being ready for new dives! Two mega filters placed in the cabin ensure the complete absence of condensation in the tanks, assuring in this way the perfect air: the air is not a detail by Stefano Sub!

Cape Horn, the house of the captain and his crew!

Dry zone

Cockpit: zone dedicated to the boat driving, where there is also a small desk for the compilation of disclaimers, log-books, payments and receipts, basket for the storage of shoes, backpacks and bags. There is also a small library dedicated to the sea and a galley to offer guests tea and biscuits after diving.
Below deck cabin: inside there is a bathroom with electric pump. There is also a storage space for the complete equipment consisting of buoyancy compensators (BC), wet suits, octopus, flippers and masks and computer.

Wet zone

The stern cockpit has two iroko wooden side benches and another one for the staff. Above this last bench there is a scuba tank engaged with an elastic rope, below it there is a space for baskets and on the top there is also a rack holding objects to store towels and dry clothes. Exit the water is made easier by a comfortable deck skimming over the water: as there are no barriers, this is really appreciated by all divers. The retractable ladder is comfortable and even long enough for the tallest people; its inclination helps to exit the water. The whole wet zone can be closed in case of wind, thanks to strong transparent curtains, that allow our friends to come back into harbour changed and dry even when the sea is stormy. A hot shower in spring and autumn is always very welcome! There is also a large sundeck for those who enjoy relaxing in the sun while sailing.

Technical data:

length 10 metres, width 3.65 m, 1.30 m draft, Perrckins engine 93 hp, Coltri compressor mch 36,000 litres/hour, VHF radio, electric toilet, hot water shower with 50 litres, CD player, oxygen kit with demand valve, medicines box, battery charger, 220, 24, 12 volts system.

Cape Horn never comes to rest!

Cape Horn is a displacement boat drafting 1.30 metres. This makes it particularly suitable to the sea, so that it can go out even in very bad sea conditions. Furthermore the shape of the keel and the counterbalanced rudder guarantee a perfect manoeuvring in any condition, approaching piers in the harbour and close to the cliffs.
Stefano Sub is a travelling dive boat for those who want to enjoy their holiday in freedom. Are you on holiday with your own boat? Call us and you will have a private scuba diving guide service: we’ll pick you up, get in the boat make your dive and we will take you back!


Stefano Sub is a SCUBAPRO Diving Center, a world leading company dominating the world of diving with quality, safety and reliability!
The Diving has 70 double-ended scuba tanks (5 -10 -12-15 and 18 litres) and you can choose among first stages DIN or INT, 25 full Scubapro equipments, from buoyancy compensators (BC) to 3 and 5 mm mono- or double piece or semi sealed wetsuits, diving computers, both halogen and LED Scubalight illuminators and several snorkelling sets!
Starting from the very first moment of your holiday your equipment will be managed by the staff, who will take care to place it inside the baskets. It will be washed and left to dry after every dive so when you arrive you’ll be sure to find it ready for use. The service we provide on the equipment management is free!

Drake the Dinghy

Our 7.50 mt dinghy ‘Drake’, with a 250 CV Suzuki engine, has been built by Geb construction site, specifically for scuba divers needs.
It is perfectly equipped for transporting 12 divers and their equipments.
This dinghy let us have wonderful divings off to Pianosa and in the most faraway places of Elba island.

With its speed we can offer single and double excursions, satisfying the needs of whom who require a more dynamic holiday or are on holiday with their family.

Thus, thanks to our dinghy, we can also offer to our clients a comfortable transfer service from the hotels which have a sea access or from boats which are at anchor or in the naval construction sites.

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