Diving Baptism

Give you a great emotion!
The easiest and safest way to approach the underwater world is Diving Baptism. Diving is something that anyone can make in a safe way while having fun, thanks to the experience of a qualified trainer who will take you hand in hand: in this way you can even try to be scuba divers for a day, without having to undertake any kind of course or technical training!
After a brief but detailed theoretical and practical explanation, you’ll be ready to try this wonderful experience.
Everything will be done on the boat and together with other certified divers. Indeed the baptism will take place on their same dive sites, so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of our sea.
Breathing underwater for the first time, experiencing the thrill of being weightless, floating freely between the underwater wildlife and plants: these are just some of the feelings that will overwhelm you!
If you want to try an extraordinary emotion, the Diving Baptism is the experience you are waiting for, even if you want to experience it just once or you want to use it as a first lesson for future diving lessons.
If you want to make an original gift for an important day or a special person, Diving Baptism is a life experience that leaves its mark and will make that day unforgettable.
Finally we’ll also make you a gift: if you have a great fun and you are excited after your first dive, deciding to start your first diving course, the cost of Baptism will be deducted from the course!
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