We are ready to welcome you by offering you the experience and attention we always have in compliance with the most stringent rules for preventing the risk of contagion from Corona VIrus according to the ministerial and regional guidelines and of our trade associations.

Boats and Diving Center:

Sanitation takes place every day and several times a day, boat and dinghy before each outing, the diving center at each access.
The boats are sanitized by spraying and spraying disinfectant products regularly registered with the Ministry of Health, specifically hydrogen peroxide is used which in addition to proper sanitation is 99% biodegradable and therefore with a minimum environmental impact.
The diving center is sanitized with sanitizing solutions based on 70% ethyl alcohol.

Diving Equipment:

All rental diving equipment, as well as cylinders, refill hoses and weights, are disinfected after each use with hydrogen peroxide, rinsed thoroughly and sealed until new use (in particular, regulator and snorkel groups are sealed with bags disinfected by remove the masks saved in the appropriate cases when used again).
Personal equipment is also disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, rinsed thoroughly and stored separately (it is however advisable to bring regulators and mask with you at the end of each dive).
Rental and personal equipment are kept in dedicated and distinct spaces

Social distancing:

To allow social distance of at least 1 meter:
Access to the diving center will be limited to 1 person at a time.
The boat accommodates up to 12 divers, the dinghy 9, plus the captain and 1/2 guides as needed, the number of participants can increase in the presence of families, each has its own marked place, the movements on board are allowed in compliance with the minimum measures of social distancing.
Access to the cabin of the boat is allowed to one person at a time, while only the crew can access the toilets, except for reasons of extreme necessity.
However, it is recommended to always have a mask with you.

Personal hygiene and PPE:

At the entrance of the diving center and the boats, alcohol-based hand hygiene products are made available, everyone is required to disinfect their hands before entering.
The diving offers personal protective equipment, masks and gloves, for those who do not have or need them.
The crew is equipped with PPE following the rules on safety at work.

Diving booking and filling in the forms:

Advance booking of the activities and any equipment is required to allow the center to know in advance the number of participants and prepare the welcome.
The compilation of the forms for both the dives and the courses will be done online or sent by email or completed in advance and then delivered on arrival, if this is not possible it will be completed at the moment with contingent access to the desk.

Charging management:

The operators to refill cylinders are equipped with PPE, the contamination inside the compressor is neutralized by the high temperatures developed (up to 120 °).

Pre-dive control system:

Each participant personally assembles his own equipment, on opening the dispenser group the tests of the correct functioning of the dispensers and the control of the mixture pressure must be carried out only by using the purge button.
The masks are cleaned using an anti-fog agent (Anti Fog) which is made available by the on-board personnel, it is advisable to have your own case for the mask where you can store it at the end of the dive.

First Aid and CPR:

During first aid, all PPE are worn and every barrier available is used, if the injured person is unconscious and cannot breathe, chest compressions are performed and insufflations are carried out with a pochet mask with a non-return valve.
All devices used on the victim are sanitized after use or disposed of following correct procedures.
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